When assembling a team of professionals to solve a problem, we tend to look towards people we like and trust. We also tend to turn to people just like us because lets face it, you don’t have time to learn new names and mannerism. Or maybe we turn to people who won’t cause a ruckus because it creates less friction. It’s just easier that way. 

Think about it.

Do you really want to attack an issue with a team of 25 professionals who are all alike?

It’s a waste of time. 

But what if you surrounded yourself by people who work differently than you? People who think, listen, learn, and communicate in a different fashion? People who are not afraid to disagree with other people and engage in healthy conflict? People who are not afraid to tell it like it is without a self-serving agenda other than the one that will solve the issue at hand?

These are the people you want on your team.

The people who don’t necessarily think outside the box, they just have to think outside the box you are currently thinking in. 

 Whatever issue your boss wants you to solve, take the time to assemble a team of diverse backgrounds and points of view. 

 Are you a free spirited professional? Seek out people who are systematic.

Are you an extrovert? Seek out people who are introvert. 

You get the picture.

Team fo 25 people who think alike = Issue attacked by 25 people in the same way.

Team of 25 people who think different = Issue attacked by 25 people from 25 different angles. 


Try it.