Let’s say you own a business with 50 employees. You have a vacant position that requires a bachelor’s degree to perform the essential functions of the job. You interviewed five candidates and picked the one with two bachelor degrees, ample experience, and a skill set to match. You're excited for the new addition. You are confident their background would add value to your business. But what happens if the new employee doesn’t get along with the rest of the team? What if the new employee just isn’t performing like you thought he would? If there a way to predict this behavior in the interview process?

Yes. There is….. 

If you know what to look for.

Remember, just because you hired the person with the most credentials doesn’t mean they are going to use those skills. In the right hands, a hammer can be used to build a great house. In the wrong hands, that same hammer can be used to build a house that falls apart almost as quickly as it was built.

 Same hammer, different carpenter. 

 When recruiting for a position a successful candidate would need just three things:

-Minimum qualifications

-Fit in the culture

-Eager to learn

If you have a candidate with these qualities then you have an employee who will add value to your business.

Focus on the carpenter, not the hammer. 

Try it.

See what happens:)