Picture this: You own a business. A profitable one. You want to attract and retain talent so you decide to pay your employees based on their skill set. You decided to pay them even more if they acquire a new skill. Your employees are LOVING this; especially since all they need to do is show you a certification of their newly minted skill and voila! More money!

The problem?

You are not seeing an increase in productivity.

A problem indeed!

When it comes to motivating employees, you have to make sure you are rewarding the right thing; behavior. 

If you reward employees for their competencies alone, you run the risk of employees going out and acquire more skills so they can be paid more, but never use them. After all, the reason you reward employees is so they can use their talents at work right? Don’t get me wrong, it is important to have the right aptitude to do your job, but what good are those skills if they never get used?

What good is a race car without a great driver?

If you reward behavior, you motivate employees to produce for you at a level that will significantly outpace employees who get paid for the skills they bring to the table.


Because what gets measured gets done.

It’s that simple:)